Brother Jhon Font

Hello fellow earthlings! welcome to Arth official site. This is my first post.

Arthytpe (read Arthy), is a new typefoundry.

Here it is our first font, called BrotherJhon. A bold, sporty, vintage display font. In our first release, we collaborated with KidCool.

BrotherJhon from Arthytpe has 4 font family. Bold and Stencil, with italic version. Included punctuation, multilingual symbol, and several currency.

For us, BrotherJhon have a bold and strong charisma, straight and consictence, it’s like watching John Wick in John Wick movie trilogy. Or John Snow from House of Star in HBO epic series Games of Thrones. Yup, that’s the reason behind our font name.

Combined two personality from John Wick and John Snow, born BrotherJhon font.

In the next post, we will give you a free version of BrotherJhon font. If you need the full version you can find BrotherJhon font in Creative Market, here’s the link,

Do not hesitate if you have any question.

Thank you for your time, hopely you have a joyful day awesome people!

Written by Arthy

My name is Arthy, a font creator. Welcome to my official site. Here's you can find my latest project. Either new project or an update for my previous project.

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